The Story

While playing in the woods surrounding the Old Zoo, the Clifton Twins discovered a strange playmate - a little boy named Aleister. The boy had no family, no one could understand how he had survived. He would barely speak, and if he did, he preached a dark religion he had learned from the presence in the woods. Soon, he gathered a flock of followers, the Clifton Family included. And on that faithful night, when all perished in a horrific church fire, Aleister's black eyes glowed against the flicker of the match. Tonight, Aleister and his followers have returned to mark you as a witness to the prequel of past years. Examine the darkness he brought onto the community and what occurred before that fateful night the church fire killed the whole village. Ride with us as we explore the powerful hand of cults.

Welcome to Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2012: “The Congregation."

Haunted Hayride
The fourth year of the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is by far the greatest year of content that has been created yet. The hayride trail has been extended and brand new scenes of horror and disturbia will echo from all directions, 360 degrees and YOU WILL GET WET. Hay filled wagons wander through the high octane fantasy world in the woods to tell and original story that exploits the most disturbing fears that live in us all. Don't miss what FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, G4, E, Access Hollywood, and so many others have called "Terrifying and Awesome".

Note - ponchos will be provided.

The In Between (MAZE)
Bigger and taller than ever before, test your courage as you enter the dark. Not for the faint at heart, this attraction will send you into a sea of blackness with nothing but the hands in front of you, and a low voltage lantern to guide your group. The demons and maniacs residing in these walls have not seen light in decades. They have mutated to the darkness, which means you can’t see them but they can see you. If you don’t choose your turns wisely, you will be faced with encounters repeatedly until your heart starts beating faster and faster. Your neck and palms start getting sweatier and sweatier and it’s getting harder to breathe. Looks like you’ll have to pull the “I’m a baby” ripcord, signaling the LA Haunted Hayride staff to make an emergency extraction of you. But hey, that’s what we’re here for. See you in the dark!

Purgatory (Side Show)
Our sideshow of entertainment turns the line into an interactive experience. Within “Purgatory” you will also find pumpkins, the fan favorite dark ride "The Scary-Go-Round," House of Mirrors, a special effects fabrication booth, and more. All activities in “Purgatory” are included in your ticket excluding food, merchandise, and games.

NOTE The one Thing you will not find in "Purgatory" is animals. While we are collectors of humans, Ten Thirty one Productions and the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride firmly opposes animal captivity and the exploitation of live animals for entertainment in amusement parks, theme parks, or any other event or attraction.